“Libraries Rock” Summer Learning Program is almost over!

There is one more week left to the “Libraries Rock” Summer Learning Program. There are three more events left to the Summer Learning Program. On Thursday, August 9th we will be doing “I Found a Quilted Heart” maker care space from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Show you care about others in our community by giving a heart. Come to make a quilted heart to leave in a public space for others to find. On Friday August 10th at 6 pm there will be a teen/tween Lip Syncing and Trivia Contest. (No video recording will be allowed). The last event will be the Make Your Own Sunday ending party on Saturday August 11 at 1:30 pm.

All participants have one more week to complete the Summer Read Challenge of 1200 minutes or 20 hours of reading done. You may continue to claim prizes during the ending party. Remember, if you are unable to come to the ending party, stop at the library and claim your prizes before the ending party to get your raffle tickets in! All raffle prizes will be picked at the ending party. Hope to see you at the party!

The Summer Learning Program “Libraries Rock!” Has Started!

Looking for something to do this summer? Need to keep young people occupied? Try the Summer Learning Program “Libraries Rock!” at the Savona Free Library in the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House. The program started with the sign up party on Friday June 29 at 5:30 pm. The party started with a hot dog picnic in the Library, due to the heat outside. Many enjoyed a dinner of hot dogs, chips, pasta salad and drinks, while signing up for the Reading Challenge. All had time to look for items to borrow for the long holiday weekend. At 6:30 pm Tanglewood Nature Center came and held a story hour and animal meet and greet. Attendees were able to meet and learn about a scorpion (Sting), a Cuban Toad (Harriet), a ferret (Hector) and a red tail hawk (Hank). Thank you Tanglewood Nature Center for bringing out your animal friends to join us! Everyone had a great time! Join us for more fun event throughout July and August!

The Summer Learning Program “Libraries Rock!” Starts June 29, 2018!

Looking for something to do this summer? Need to keep young people occupied? Try the Summer Learning Program “Libraries Rock!” at the Savona Free Library in the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House. The program starts with the sign up party on Friday June 29 at 5:30 pm. There will be a hot dog picnic followed by a show with our animal friends from the Tanglewood Nature Center at 6:30 pm. The program will last for six weeks with events, a reading challenge and drop in activities for all ages!

Are You up For a Challenge!

The reading challenge will be to complete 1200 minutes or 20 hours of reading in six weeks. It might sound like a large amount of reading, but if you break it down it would be about 30 minutes a day. Reading for 30 minutes a day will help reduce or stop the reading slide (loss of reading skills) from making going back to school so hard. All ages suffer from reading slide it they are not reading every day. You don’t have to keep track of just reading printed books, you can read magazines, listen to audio books. Think about listen to audio books on a family trip. Make your commute time reading time. You can down load e-book, and digital audio books through the Overdrive app and the new Libby app at any time, including when the physical library is closed. You can also download digital magazines on tablets and computers through the RB Digital app. (all apps can be found on our website www.savonafreelibrary.org under E-Library.

When signing up for the Summer Reading Challenge you have a choice on how to keep track of your time reading. You can track reading time by paper logs, or you can sign up on line at: http://savonafreelibrary.ny01.readsquared.com and track your time on the computer. For every 120 minutes or 2 hours you can get a scratch off ticket that will let you get a small prize, large prize, or a raffle ticket for one of several raffles being drawn at the middle and end of the six weeks. All will be eligible to pick out a book to keep at 600 minutes or 10 hours and 1200 minutes or 20 hours. The reading challenge is open to all ages, birth through senior citizens.

Join Us for Fun and Prizes!

Stop at the library for Fun and Prizes over the next six weeks for all ages. There will be story hours (every other Thursday starting July 5) for the younger crowd, a murder mystery for tweens and teens (July 13) and the Auto Talk program (July 14) for teens through senior citizens, to answer any questions on car maintenance. For a listing of events check out our calendar of events at: http://www.eventkeeper.com/mars/xpages/S/STLS/ek.cfm?curOrg=STLS&curKey1=Savona%20Free%20Library&setRef=new. There will be new events every week. Any takers on the reading challenge can claim prizes anytime during the six weeks. There will be two raffle drawings. The First will be on July 21 during the Family Story walk for time sensitive prizes and a drawing during the ending party on August 11 for the rest of the raffles. Please check our raffle page: (coming soon)  for more information on the raffle prizes and when they will be raffled off. So come often for events and to get your prizes for the reading challenge!


Memorial Day at the Library!

Memorial Day has come and the start of summer has begun. On Memorial Day the Friends of Savona Free Library held a successful Chicken Barbecue dinner to raise funds for the library.  We were able to sell out of dinners within an hour of serving the dinners. There was a 50/50 raffle won by Jeff James who donated part of the winnings back to the Library. Thank you to all the Friends who came and helped out. Without Friends like you the Savona Free Library would not be able to as many programs and events as we do.

On Memorial Day the Teen Advisory Committee had a float in the parades for both Campbell and Savona. This year the Teens were supporting the upcoming Summer Learning Program with the theme “Libraries Rock”. The Summer Learning Program will start on Friday June 29, 2018, with a sign up party, starting at 5:30 pm, featuring a hot dog picnic on the lawn of the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House (inside if bad weather) and ending with Tanglewood Nature Center bringing their animal friends for a visit. The program will continue for six weeks. The Summer Learning Program will have a reading challenge for all ages (including teens and adults) with prizes awarded for the amount of time read. There will be planned events and drop in events through out the six weeks.


Calling All Teens!

Kaleigh, Parker, and R2D2 at the 2018 Twin Tiers Mini Maker Faire.

By Kaleigh E. Liller

The Savona Free Library has this amazing group called the Teen Advisory Committee. We meet one Tuesday out of the month to discuss future events and community support through public service. We are looking for leaders of tomorrow, or anyone who wants to make a difference. Anyone regardless of circumstance has a say.

“Life is a garden, dig it” David Spade, from the movie Joe Dirt 4/2001


Thank You for all Who Voted on the CSCSD and Savona Free Library Budget Votes.

The Savona Free Library Budget Vote failed on Tuesday night, May 15, 2018. The vote was: 103 yes to 109 no. The difference was only six votes. If you thought your vote does not matter, think again. Each vote for or against does matter. Please remember being able to vote in any election, local, state, or federal is a privilege and does matter.

What will the Savona Free Library do now? We may have to reduce some of our popular programs. Everything will depend on if we can raise enough to cover the budget through fundraisers and donations. If you would like to help the library you can make donations of funds, books and more at the library or by mail: Savona Free Library, P.O. Box 475. Savona, NY 14879. Please call the library first to make sure we will be open when you come. Thank you again for your support.


Now Available 2017 Annual Report to the Community!

A great deal has happened during 2017 to the Savona Free Library. Take a look at what has happened during 2017 by clicking here. Don’t forget to help support your library and community by voting on the Campbell-Savona School Budget and the Savona Free Library budget on May 15, 2018 at Campbell-Savona Jr/Sr. High School in Campbell. Thank you for your support and your continued support of the Savona Free Library and all of our communities. More changes are coming in 2018. Keep checking out our website or our Facebook page for more information.


Welcome to the Savona Free Library!

Welcome to the Savona Free Library website. If you are coming to our website you are looking for information on the library. You can find our hours, events, what is new to our collection, access your account, order items to pick up at the library and many other things about the library. But when you think about a library what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like many other Americans it would be physical books. While we do have a collection of books there is so much more to libraries these days than just physical books. We have computers and public WI-FI hot spots available for public use. We also lend out audio books on CD, music CDs, movies and television shows on DVD. Coming soon, there will be Kindle Fire tablets to borrow. All of these items are available at the library, but right now you are in cyber space. Guess what, you can still borrow from the library. Just put your pointer on “E-Library” and click to find out. Remember the library is much more than just a place to find books. We offer many other items for borrowing and many different services to the public, through your Savona Free Library card or any library card in the Southern Tier Library System. Also you can access the library not only during the days the library is open, but even when the library is physically closed. Need a book to help you to fall asleep at 2:00 am? Down load a digital book and start reading. Need to get authoritative information for a research project due real soon, check out our databases for articles from many different sources. Look around, try something new, the Savona Free Library is available for your entertainment and informational needs.

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