Attention all participants of the Summer Reading Program “Build a Better World!”

There will be a drawing for 12 Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinners!!!!

To be eligible participants need to complete the full 1200 minute reading challenge AND complete an essay about one book he/she read during the Reading Challenge. Essays need to be submitted before the drawing to be eligible. Drawing will be held during the End of Summer Reading Party.

Essay needs to answer the following:

  1. Title.
  2. Author.
  3. Who was the main character?
  4. What was the plot?
  5. Did you like it or not, and why?

Not already a participant in the Summer Reading Challenge? There is still time to sign up and complete the reading challenge. Stop by the Savona Free Library to sign up or sign up on-line at:


for young people and:



for young adults and adults.



“Build a Better World” Starts July 1, 2017!

Young people can sign up at the Savona Free Library or online at: https://wandooreader.com/savonafreelibrary/summer-reading-program-build-a-better-world. Young adults and adults can sign up at the Savona Free Library or online at: https://wandooreader.com/savonafreelibrary/young-adult-adult-summer-reading-program-build-a-better-world.  If you have signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge at the Savona Free Library, start keeping track of the time you read, on paper or online for young people : https://wandooreader.com/savonafreelibrary/summer-reading-program-build-a-better-world and for young adults and adults: https://wandooreader.com/savonafreelibrary/young-adult-adult-summer-reading-program-build-a-better-world.

The summer reading program will challenge all to enjoy reading during the summer. The challenge is to read for 20 hours during the six week program. To reach the goal a participant will only have to read for 30 minutes a day every day of the program. The reading challenge is not limited to reading books. Participants could read print books, digital books, graphic novels, audio books, magazines, and newspapers. Sorry, watching a movie does not count. Record how long you read and you can be eligible for prizes during the six weeks ending August 11, 2017.

Keep watching our website for upcoming events, challenges and drawings. Come and take the 2017 Summer Reading Program “Build a Better World”  reading challenge. We dare you.


Teen Advisory Committee ready to go!

Memorial Day Parade and Chicken Barbecue

On Memorial Day the Teen Advisory Committee climbed aboard a float they designed to remind everyone about the upcoming Summer Reading Program (SRP) “Build a Better World.” This year with the theme of the SRP in mind the teens designed a float around the library’s current popular program Minecraft EDU. If you don’t know what Minecraft is, think of building with unlimited digital Legos. Players mine raw materials to build shelter and tools to survive in the cubic digital world.  There is more to the game, but that is the main idea. The Library has many books about playing Minecraft, along with fictional books based on the game. The books are available to borrow if anyone is interested in learning about Minecraft. Better yet, sign up for our monthly game of Minecraft. The “Build a Better World, Read” program begins with a sign up party on Friday, June 23, at the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House. There will be a hot dog cook out, games, and Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum will be performing a special program with their animal friends. The official start of the summer reading program will be July 1 through August 11. Keep checking our website or Facebook page for events and more activities during the programming weeks.

After the Memorial Day Parade the Friends of the Savona Free Library held a chicken barbecue to benefit the Library. Many dinners along with drinks were sold. The Friends were able to raise over $300.00. Thank you for all who came out in support of the Savona Free Library and the Friends who worked on the event.



Ruby says “Thank you!”

And the Budget Vote winner is…You!

It is official! The 2017 Savona Free Library Budget vote has passed. The final count was 150 yes votes to 113 no votes. Thank you for all who were able to come out and show their support for the Savona Free Library! Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for exciting news! Don’t forget about the up coming summer reading program! There will be a great Sign Up Party on June 23 starting at 5:30 pm at the Mary Helen Joint Meeting House. Come see the animals from the Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum during the party. The Summer Reading Program runs from July 1 to August 11.


2016 Annual Library Report Available

Want to know what the Savona Free Library has been up to? Check out the Annual Report to the Community and see what we have done in 2016! Click on Austin’s picture:


Welcome to the Savona Free Library!


Welcome to the Savona Free Library website. If you are coming to our website you are looking for information on the library. You can find our hours, events, what is new to our collection, access your account, order items to pick up at the library and many other things about the library. But when you think about a library what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like many other Americans it would be physical books. While we do have a collection of books there is so much more to libraries these days than just physical books. We have computers and public WI-FI hot spots available for public use. We also lend out audio books on CD, music CDs, movies and television shows on DVD. Coming soon, there will be Kindle Fire tablets to borrow. All of these items are available at the library, but right now you are in cyber space. Guess what, you can still borrow from the library. Just put your pointer on “E-Library” and click to find out. Remember the library is much more than just a place to find books. We offer many other items for borrowing and many different services to the public, through your Savona Free Library card or any library card in the Southern Tier Library System. Also you can access the library not only during the days the library is open, but even when the library is physically closed. Need a book to help you to fall asleep at 2:00 am? Down load a digital book and start reading. Need to get authoritative information for a research project due real soon, check out our databases for articles from many different sources. Look around, try something new, the Savona Free Library is available for your entertainment and informational needs.


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