The 2017 Summer Reading Program “Build a Better World” has many exciting challenges and programs for all ages and experiences. All ages from birth to over 100 years old can take on the reading challenge, to read 1200 minutes or 20 hours to earn prizes and a free book or two (check out the prizes by clicking here). Reading can be things like a book, a digital book, or an article in magazine or newspapers (can be in digital form), listening to an audio book, or just reading comic books or graphic novels. You can read what you want to read. There are no lists of certain books you should read, just read. Come down to the Savona Free Library and sign up for the challenge, or sign up and log in your reading online.  For young people go to:, and for young adults and adults:

While you sign up for the challenge check out all of the programs available for all ages. We will be building many different things to stretch your imagination. Build a catapult (Friday, July 7 at 6 pm) and try your hand at aiming at a target just like knights did in the Middle Ages. Learn more about life in the Middle Ages by checking out books on the subject and written about the time period. Try your hand at making a “statement” necklace (Thursday, July 27 at 6:00 pm) for yourself or someone else. If you enjoy making the piece you might want to take out books on how to make other types of jewelry.  Check out our calendar of events at the library or on-line. When you come into the library don’t forget to try some of the other challenges, guess the amount of Legos in a jar, or try finding the Minecraft Ghost for a sweet treat.